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SALE – Large Organic Buckwheat Pillows (20″x26″) SET OF TWO

(27 customer reviews)


We are trying to to be more environmentally friendly! We can wrap your pillows in paper or put them in a sealed plastic bag. What do you prefer? Paper? Plastic? or No Preference?



An organic buckwheat pillow from L-OMA is a high quality, full or travel-sized organic buckwheat pillow produced in Maine. Because an organic buckwheat pillow conforms to the head, neck and spine, extra comfort is realized which optimizes the sleeping position. The organic buckwheat hulls allow for the circulation of air providing for a cooler pillow. Another benefit of this weighted pillow is that it’s a hypoallergenic pillow.

Premium Pillowcase and/or Aromatherapy are optional.

The Bridges Foundation and L-OMA produce organic buckwheat pillows of the HIGHEST QUALITY and unlike some of our competitors, our buckwheat hulls are non-fumigated and are the finest available on the market.

There is a small additional charge for selecting to include an aromatherapy option (the price will change when you select an add-in scent above.)

Aromatherapy options are to have lavender, balsam or a mixture of both either mixed into your organic buckwheat pillow or have it included separately so you can mix it in yourself.

According to some local aromatherapists, a mixture of both the lavendar and balsam can actually multiply the beneficial effects of each.  They say the scents compliment each other, so you get more of a relaxed feel as well as more of the healthy benefits of the balsam.

Additional information

Pillowcase Style

Premium (500 Thread Count), Standard

Pillow Aromatherapy

Balsam Mixed Into Pillow For You, Balsam On-The-Side (you mix in), Lavender Mixed Into Pillow For You, Lavender On-The-Side (you mix in), Lavender-Balsam Combo Mixed Into Pillow For You, Lavender-Balsam Combo On-The-Side, NONE

Paper or Plastic?

No Preference, Paper, Plastic Bag

27 reviews for SALE – Large Organic Buckwheat Pillows (20″x26″) SET OF TWO

Based on 27 reviews
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  1. Anonymous

    We are long time fans of your pillows, as Heidi introduced them to us many years ago!

  2. Amy Tharp

    Great price for your products

  3. Sharon S.

  4. Edward Ackley


  5. Maureen

    Love these pillows! Excellent quality! Enjoying the mix of lavender and balsam. Sleeping better, too.

  6. Kaya

    Wow! I saw an ad for these pillows in Yankee Magazine, and since I needed new sleeping pillows anyway decided to purchase two. The aromatherapy is fantastic- I really think it”s improved my sleep quality. All natural and comfortable. I didn’t realize until I got my package that L-OMA is also a charitable organization with an amazing mission. I wish every company was like this! I will say it took about three nights to adjust to the difference from my previous pillow but it was well worth it!

  7. Anita Bowes

  8. Anonymous

    Best pillows in the universe once I adjusted to them

  9. Bradley Waterman

    pillows are comfortable. Am sleeping thru the night now.

  10. Lynda W.

    Perfect size!

  11. Emma Lawson

    We love our buckwheat pillows. We just ordered our second set, our first one lasted 5 years. Now I am so spoiled and I cannot sleep without mine! I keep buying them for friends and family too, and all have loved them. The hulls are always really clean and fresh smelling (no chemicals and no bugs!). I have been VERY happy with my purchase.

  12. Mindy D.

    Love these buckwheat pillows! Top quality and very comfortable to sleep on. First-time buckwheat pillow user, so there was an adjustment period.

  13. Darlene Nau

    My friend wanted to try the pillow and loves it !! hopefully you have another customer.

  14. Kris Paulsen

  15. Randy Trolard

  16. Crystal Mayers

    Love them! Have slept great since using

  17. Anonymous

  18. Louise B.

  19. Rebecca C.

    Excellent service. High quality product.

  20. Kimberly Toye

  21. molly brown

    beyond wonderful!

  22. Elaine Tramposch

  23. Carlo Nino

  24. Nancy

  25. Emily P.

  26. Elizabeth

  27. Lee

    I love buckwheat pillows and these are particularly good. With 8 1/2 pounds of filling they’re great, plenty large enough.

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