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Organic Buckwheat Weighted Blankets

(13 customer reviews)


Handmade weighted blankets that can be customized to your preferences.

Unlike some of our competitors, we use only non-fumigated, high quality, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.



Handmade weighted blankets that can be customized to your preferences.

Prices vary by selected size and material.  The price shown above will change as you select different priced size and material options.

Fabrics pictured are not always available (items pictured are samples), but we are very happy to receive your preferences as to color/prints/patterns and will do our best to meet your requests!  Please contact us if you would like to discuss color or print options.

Color/Print Preference:  If you have a specific color or print pattern you would like, then please make note of your preference during Step 5 (the “Order Confirmation” screen) of the checkout process.  There is an “Order Instructions/Comments” box at the bottom of that screen.  Simply note your color or print pattern preference.  You are also welcome to call us with any special orders.

L-OMA Weighted Blankets™ have been recognized for the benefits they provide to persons with autism and PDD; they are also now being acknowledged as helpful to anyone in reducing anxiety and agitation, as well as aiding in relief from restless leg syndrome (RLS), mental health disorders, racing thoughts, insomnia, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s and ADHD, or anyone experiencing sensory dysfunction.  L-OMA Weighted Blankets™ can help anyone who in need of a comforting feeling of calm and security!

Depending on the size of the blanket and specific needs of the individual, the relative weight of each blanket provides a sense of security in helping the user focus their senses, nerves and thoughts.  Persons using a weighted blanket generally describe feeling improved focus and concentration, muscular tension relief, and overall improved mood and attitude.

Unlike some of our competitors, we use only non-fumigated, high quality, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.

Our organic buckwheat blankets come in different sizes and depending on the size of the individual, different sizes and weights may be appropriate.

  • We only use 100% organic buckwheat hulls to fill our weighted blankets.
  • All blankets are made by us (a non-profit who serves people with disabilities) in the USA
  • You can choose either a cotton or organic cotton outer layer material.
  • Choose your desired color and print.  We are also happy to accommodate custom orders.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes/weights. A weighted blanket can be a very individualized product so our expertise in serving people with disabilities can be helpful if you call us with questions.
  • Organic Buckwheat Weighted TubesWith our Weighted Blanket Intelligent Tubing System™ the weight in the blanket is distributed evenly and stays in place, which may not be the case with other types of weighted blankets.
  • Our Intelligent Tubing System also provides a way to adjust the weight of the blanket to meet the changing needs of the user over time.  You may also want to replace tubes due to standard wear and tear over time.  Either way, our Weighted Blanket Intelligent Tubing System™ allows you to extend the life of the blanket and makes the L-OMA Weighted Blankets an even better investment.
  • DON’T BE FOOLED BY IMITATORS We are the creators of the original Weighted Blanket Intelligent Tubing System™

Custom Orders:

A weighted blanket can be a very individualized product and we want to be sure that we’re giving you exactly what you need, so custom orders are welcomed.  Please contact L-OMA Buckwheat Pillows™ to discuss your specific needs, design/pattern preferences or with any questions you may have.


The Scoop on Weighted Blankets

A few things you should know about your weighted blanket!  
It’s not really a blanket; it’s intended to be used for weight only, not warmth (though of course you can use it with your regular sheets and blankets).  The general rule for the most therapeutic weight is 10% of a person’s body weight, though everyone’s needs are different. We’ve found that our 5′ x 3′ 11 lb. blanket works well for most adults.
The benefits of a weighted blanket are not limited to children.  These weighted blankets  have been used by a variety of individuals including but not limited to those with ADD, ADHD, developmental disabilities, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, cerebral palsy, anxiety disorder, Alzheimer’s and other disorders.
While we’ve had requests to make heavier and larger blankets in order to fit a specific bed size, we’ve found that due to the design of the blanket this is not possible; it makes the blanket too cumbersome (not to mention the shipping costs involved!). If you are an adult and feel you need more weight, we suggest buying two blankets and useing them together.
We offer blankets in these sizes:
  • Crib-2×3  5 lbs
  • Lap 3×3   7 lbs
  • Square bed 4×3.5   9 lbs
  • Rectangular Bed 5×3   11 lbs
When customizing your blanket please let us know what kind of fabric your prefer:
  • 100% cotton
  • 100% organic cotton
You can also tell us what color(s) or color scheme, flowers, stripes,trucks, polka dots, etc. that you’d like to have… just use the comment box during checkout to let us know.  We will match your choice as closely as possible.
When you receive your blanket it may feel a bit stiff!  The blanket will soften as you work it in, much like a new pair of shoes, and soon it will be more flexible.


For less weight, remember: you can remove a few tubes!


Washing your blanket is easy! DO NOT WASH THE TUBES!Care of your weighted blanket is easy: our blankets are made with tubes filled with buckwheat hulls, which slide out of their pockets, allowing for easy laundering of your blanket.  Remove them and wash the blanket in gentle cycle, hang dry or fluff cycle in the dryer.  Otherwise tubes may not fit back into their slots.
That’s it — if there’s anything that we haven’t addressed here, please contact us and as always, thank you for your interest in our products!  Sleep well, dream well, be well — and peace!

Additional information

Color or Print

Solid Color, Pattern or Print


Cotton, Organic Cotton


Crib (2'x3' 5 lbs), Lap (3'x3' 7 lbs), Square Bed (4'x3.5' 9lbs), Rectangle Bed (5'x3' 11 lbs)

Paper or Plastic?

Paper, Plastic

13 reviews for Organic Buckwheat Weighted Blankets

  1. Sheron

    My blanket is beautiful!! The craftsmanship is excellent!! I love the color and design; it is exactly what I had in mind. And, I am sleeping much better since I began using my weighted blanket. Thank you L-OMA for an excellent product.

  2. Sarah S.

    I love my buckwheat hull weighted blanket! It is beautiful and well made. After about a week or so I got used to the weight and now I look forward to relaxing under it every night.

  3. betsy

    see above

  4. Maya

    I’m sleeping so much better since I got it. I love that it doesn’t add much warmth, so I’ll be able to use it in the summer. I got the larger one. Would buy again. Thank you!!

  5. Maria V.

    Absolutely calming and wonderful.

  6. Darren L.

    I love my L-OMA weighted blanket. It’s exactly what I wanted, and the service was fantastic. Highly recommended!

  7. Sara M.

    The weighted blanket is very good quality. I can tell it will be easy to take care of and last a long time. If I ordered again I would get a shorter size because I realize I like my feet sticking out but without the weighted blanket right up in my face, so I sleep with the blanket diagonal and that works. It is nice to sleep with the blanket all on you or up against it partly on you. It doesn’t help that I still kick all my blankets around, but I have not been as restless with this blanket all the blankets have remained on my bed.

  8. Katherine

    I love my blanket!

  9. Annette Nadeau

    A little too full and stiff.otherwise it is great!!

  10. Jeffrey L.

    I’m very happy with my weighted blanket. It’s well constructed and was made to order in the color of my choice and delivered in the promised time frame. I’ve also tried a popular weighted blanket from Amazon made with glass beads but I didn’t like it because it was too hot. In contrast, buckwheat is breathable and doesn’t retain heat so the blanket is noticeably cooler. I’m almost 6 feet tall but I can comfortably sleep under this 5’x3′ blanket.

  11. Jerie

    The blanket was heavier than expected. But I didn’t really know what to expect . I removed three tubes at the bottom. That helped relieve the weight on my feet. But I think once I get used to the blanket I may put them back in.

  12. Vickie and Ed

    I usually used several blankets on the bed. I liked the heaviness. I took a lot of blankets to achieve the weight I liked, but with the weight, came a lot of heat that I didn’t want. My husband would joke about the weighted blankets in the dentist’s office and how that might be an option for me. It didn’t sound like a bad idea, to tell you the truth.

    My husband discovered your weighted blankets online and ordered one. I was very excited to try it out. I loaded up the blanket with all the weight and found it to be waaaay too much after about 10 minutes. I removed about 2/3 of the weight and found it manageable. As I got used to it, I gradually added more weight. Now, I have my blanket about 75% full of the weights. I find it very pleasant and soothing. I still need a couple of regular blankets for warmth, but your blanket is perfect. It is not for warmth, it’s for soothing weight. I sleep well. I look forward to crawling under it every night. Just increase the weight very gradually until you get the weight that you like. It could take several nights. Give it a chance.

    We especially appreciate the way this blanket can be adjusted with the tubes. The quality of the materials and construction is also very good. This item deserves to be a first choice for weighted blankets.”

  13. Patricia

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