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Organic Buckwheat Travel Pillow – 12″ x 16″

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NOW ON SALE!  An organic buckwheat travel pillow is small and compact and fits easily into a carry-on or travel bag. It can also be used as a buckwheat neck pillow or as a weighted lap pillow.

We are trying to to be more environmentally friendly! We can wrap your pillow in paper or put it in a sealed plastic bag. What do you prefer? Paper? Plastic? or No Preference?

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This small size (12″x16″) organic buckwheat travel pillow is very versatile and can be used as a travel pillow, a buckwheat neck pillow or as a weighted lap pillow. Small and compact, this buckwheat travel pillow fits easily into a carry-on bag.

Weight 3.5 pounds

Unlike some of our competitors, we use only non-fumigated, high quality, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.

Aromatherapy Add-In Option Aromatherapy scents of lavender and/or balsam. According to some local aromatherapists, a mixture of both the lavender and balsam can actually multiply the beneficial effects of each. They say the scents compliment each other, so you get more of a relaxed feel as well as more of the healthy benefits of the balsam.

Neck Pillows for Neck Pain

You can also use these travel neck pillows as pillows for neck pain, which is especially nice if you’re looking for a pillow that will conform to your neck.

Weighted Lap Pillow

This small size organic buckwheat pillow can be used as a weighted lap pillow to help kids stay still and feel secure — this can be good for kids with ADD or ADHD.

Additional information

Pillow Aromatherapy

Balsam Mixed Into Pillow For You, Balsam On-The-Side (you mix in), Lavender Mixed Into Pillow For You, Lavender On-The-Side (you mix in), Lavender-Balsam Combo Mixed Into Pillow For You, Lavender-Balsam Combo On-The-Side, NONE

Paper or Plastic?

No Preference, Paper, Plastic Bag

24 reviews for Organic Buckwheat Travel Pillow – 12″ x 16″

  1. Anonymous

  2. Donna

  3. Carol

  4. Jennifer

  5. Susan Kantner

  6. David G.

  7. Anita Bowes

  8. William Z.

  9. David Vitiello

    I like the aromatic option.

  10. William

    We purchased 2, one large and 1 travel. My wife has the large and loves it. I enjoy the travel size. you would not think you could sleep so well with this small pillow but you can. I now understand why its travel.

  11. Sabine

  12. Katherine

    Love that they can be customized by easily removing hulls. Everyone to his/her own preference!

  13. Eric P.

    excellent quality product – our quality of sleep has improved using this; a very good value price-wise

  14. Donald Dudley

  15. Lawrence Gering

    Quality pillow. Quality cotton case and separate pillow cover. Case was completely filled. I’d buy again

  16. Anonymous

  17. Anonymous

    Absolutely loved the pillow. Had to order a second one for my husband, as he liked mine so much.

  18. Katherine

    It is the perfect size, firmness, flexibility and quality.

  19. Carol K.

    My pillow was stuffed to the brim with the buckwheat hulls. I was pleasantly surprised. I also received the balsam/lavender on the side to mix my own but in hind sight I should have just had it mixed before shipping.

  20. Sharon B.

  21. Art D.

  22. Margaret

    Great Product.

    I have been using a buckwheat pillow for many years. This travel pillow is far superior to any buckwheat pillow I have used. I’m hooked.

  23. Kathleen

    The Best!

    I just purchased my second travel pillow in 10 days. I have used a buckwheat pillow to sleep on and to cuddle with for more than 20 years. When it came time to replace the originals ( which was long overdue ) I stared doing research and discovered that most buckwheat pillows, even those labeled “organic” , contained buckwheat hulls that had been fumigated. I might have suspected this with pillows made in China but I was appalled to find out this happens with pillows made in the USA and Canada. Not so with L-oma….their hulls are not fumigated. This was very important to me.

    I also am passing this company’s info on to friends with children on the autistic spectrum and those with sensory processing issues. I know the weighted blankets and vests will be something that could offer peace and calmness to these kiddos

  24. Anonymous

    A Great Pillow. This is the first time I have ordered from this company and I am sure I will order again! The pillow, very well made and sturdy, arrived two days after I ordered it! I had the option to add an aromatic scent of lavender and balsam to my order and it smells wonderful. The package arrived beautifully wrapped with directions how to take care of it. The pillow case is a high thread count which feels great to lay on. Communication was quick, friendly, appreciative and welcoming. The company is a non-profit where the proceeds help community members support themselves. I wish more businesses were like L-OMA.

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