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Organic Buckwheat Pillow FAMILY PACK


We are trying to to be more environmentally friendly! We can wrap your pillows in paper or put them in a sealed plastic bag. What do you prefer? Paper? Plastic? or No Preference?  NOTE: The Premium Pillowcase option is only for the large pillows in the set.

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Our Buckwheat Pillow Family Pack includes TWO 20″ x 26″ large organic buckwheat pillows and TWO 12″ x 16″ kid size (2.5 lbs) organic buckwheat pillows.  A Premium Pillowcase and/or Aromatherapy are optional.  NOTE:  There is not an option for a Premium Pillowcase on the kids pillows.

Unlike some of our competitors, we use only non-fumigated, high quality, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.

**There is a small additional charge for selecting to include an aromatherapy option (the price will change when you select an add-in scent above.)

The aromatherapy options are to have lavender, balsam or both either mixed into your organic buckwheat pillow or have it included separately so you can mix it in yourself.

According to some local aromatherapists, a mixture of both the lavendar and balsam can actually multiply the beneficial effects of each.  They say the scents compliment each other, so you get more of a relaxed feel as well as more of the healthy benefits of the balsam.

Please state in the comments/instructions box on the checkout page which pillows you want the aromatherapy in, if you chose the MIXED-IN aromatherapy option.  The charge is the same whether you get the aromatherapy in one pillow or all of them.

Organic Buckwheat Pillows for Kids!

The 12″x16″ buckwheat pillow is great for home use as well as airplanes, car rides, trains and buses. Small and compact, the amount of buckwheat hulls in this buckwheat pillow is ideal for supporting a smaller head. It also fits easily into a carry-on or travel bag.

Neck Pillows for Neck Pain

You can also use these small pillows as pillows for neck pain, which is especially nice if you’re looking for a pillow that will conform to your neck. Unlike some of our competitors, we use only non-fumigated, high quality, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.

Weighted Lap Pillow

This small size organic buckwheat pillow can be used as a weighted lap pillow to help kids stay still and feel secure — this can be good for kids with ADD or ADHD.

Additional information

Pillowcase Style

Premium (500 Thread Count), Standard

Pillow Aromatherapy

Balsam Mixed Into Pillow For You, Balsam On-The-Side (you mix in), Lavender Mixed Into Pillow For You, Lavender On-The-Side (you mix in), Lavender-Balsam Combo Mixed Into Pillow For You, Lavender-Balsam Combo On-The-Side, NONE

Paper or Plastic?

No Preference, Paper, Plastic Bag