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Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillows

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See “Description” below for more info on Color and Print options.

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An organic buckwheat neck pillow is a great travel pillow.  The shoulder support style is especially nice on airplanes to help prevent “head bobbing.”  The buckwheat neck pillow is also good for sitting in bed reading, watching tv, or anywhere you head and neck need a little extra support.

Price varies by the style you select.  We have the traditional crescent shaped buckwheat neck pillow and the shoulder support buckwheat neck pillow.

We use only the highest quality non-fumigated organic buckwheat hulls in our products.

Color/Print Preference:  If you have a specific color or print pattern you would like, then please make note of your preference during Step 5 (the “Order Confirmation” screen) of the checkout process.  There is an “Order Instructions/Comments” box at the bottom of that screen.  Simply note your color or print pattern preference.  You are also welcome to call us with any special orders.

Print patterns are NOT available for the organic cotton material (solid colors only.)

Fabrics pictured are not always available (items pictured are samples), but we are very happy to receive your preferences as to color/prints/patterns and will do our best to meet your requests!  Please contact us if you would like to discuss color or print options. 

Additional information

Neck Pillow Style

Crescent Neck Pillow, Shoulder Support

Neck Pillow Fabric

Cotton, Organic Cotton

10 reviews for Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillows

  1. Stewart Bluestone

    Smaller and tighter than anticipated. I’ve been sleeping on buckwheat neck pillows for 35 years, and this is the only one I have ever bought that does not have a removable zippered cover that can be washed. Ridiculous!

    • shopadmin

      We are working on that Stewart! We are a very small company and don’t have seamstresses or machines that can do the work! We will keep trying!

  2. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, excellent sewing, stuffed full of buckwheat hulls. The neck opening is a little small but it is flexible enough to fit well. Overall, great pillow; would order again.

  3. Midge Constantino

  4. Sharon S.

    These are my 2021 Christmas gifts! Maybe, add some lavender or balsam?

  5. Robert Connor

  6. Kathryn

    We ordered the Lavender Eye Pillows. These pillows come in an assortment of beautiful fabrics. They are well-made. I highly recommend purchasing them!

  7. Annette Nadeau

    Again, a little too full and very stiff. Otherwise it is great!!

    • shopadmin

      They will soften and become more flexible with time!

  8. Anonymous

  9. Renee

    I was going to use this for a travel pillow, but it is too heavy to carry around. However it has worked really well as a neck rest when I sit down on couch or chair to watch TV or work on computer. I have neck discomfort due to arthritis and this pillow holds my neck in a good position as well as providing relief. I recommend that Loma consider offering some softer, slightly thicker fabric that could be removed and washed. All things considered – this is a very good product offered at a reasonable price.

  10. Carlo Nino

    These are my mainstay. All the support and firmness. Skip the airport cheap knockoffs.

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