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L-OMA Weighted Blanket™ for Autism and ADD, ADHD

***As of October 28th 2023, our weighted blankets are not available. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to be making them in the near future.***


Autism Blankets were mentioned on the NBC show Parenthood (see note at bottom)

Organic Buckwheat Weighted Blankets for Autism

A L-OMA Weighted Blanket™ (autism blanket) is used for a variety of different reasons, most commonly the blankets are used to give sensory input to those on the autism spectrum or who have ADD/ADHD. These are common terms in today’s world where Autism awareness has become more mainstreamed in the media but what does it really mean in practice.

Persons with sensory issues require stimulation and boundaries so they are more aware of their own body and where they are in space. This is important when needing a sense of where one is physically so it can be grasped where their body stops and starts. Persons with autism and other sensory disorders can experience other levels of distress by an inability to identify or filter input from their senses. For example not being able to ignore the hum of a computer or the noise of a washing machine.

Products like a L-OMA weighted blanket™ (weighted quilt) provide a strong sensory impact that allows the person to focus and not seek out sensory input from unsafe behaviors. Imagine for a moment that you are unable to filter all the things you hear and feel at any given moment and are unable to determine what sound you need to focus your attention on. These benefits are not limited to those with Autism and have been used by a variety of individuals including but not limited to those with developmental disabilities, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, cerebral palsy, anxiety disorder, Alzheimer’s and other disorders.

L-OMA Weighted Autism Blankets are used as tools by occupational therapists, teachers, and care givers in a variety of settings.

We do not use glass, plastic, pellet or rice fillers for our blankets, we use 100% organic buckwheat hulls.

L-OMA Weighted Blanket™ Details

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This is the highest quality weighted autism blanket you can buy in the US:

    • We only use 100% organic buckwheat hulls to fill our weighted blankets.
    • All blankets are made by us (a non-profit who serves people with disabilities) in the USA
    • You can choose either a cotton or organic cotton outer layer material.
    • Choose your desired color and print.  We are also happy to accomodate custom orders.
    • Choose from a variety of sizes/weights. A weighted blanket can be a very individualized product so our expertise in serving people with disabilities can be helpful if you call us with questions.
    • With our Weighted Blanket Intelligent Tubing System™ the weight in the blanket is distributed evenly and stays in place, which may not be the case with other types of weighted blankets.
    • Our Intelligent Tubing System also provides a way to adjust the weight of the blanket to meet the changing needs of the user over time.  You may also want to replace tubes due to standard wear and tear over time.  Either way, our Weighted Blanket Intelligent Tubing System™ allows you to extend the life of the blanket and makes the L-OMA Weighted Blankets an even better investment.

Weighted Autism Blanket Sample Tubes


NBC Show Parenthood Features an Autism Blanket

In the “Family Portrait” (9/11/12) episode, the autistic teenage son receives an autism blanket as a gift from his older sister.