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L-OMA™ was established in 1993 by Heidi Fogarty after a family trip to Germany, where she first encountered buckwheat pillows. After owning and operating the company herself for over ten years, she decided to retire and donated the entire operation to The Bridges Foundation.

Individuals with developmental disabilities work alongside Bridges Foundation staff making and shipping our L-OMA Organic Buckwheat Pillows™. They earn a living wage while at the same time helping raise money to fund programs and services for themselves and others. By making a therapeutic product which benefits people around the world; they are also becoming more self-reliant and financially independent becoming less dependent upon receiving government aid.

Your Purchase Directly Helps Persons with Disabilities: (L-OMA™ is the product brand of a non-profit organization)

You can verify our Nonprofit charity status using the IRS website. Simply enter our EIN number of 20-2796974 and click SEARCH on this IRS web page.

For more information on the Bridges Foundation, please contact The Bridges Foundation Organization.

Friends of L-OMA™

Autism Society of Maine
Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce