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Organic Buckwheat Pillows

Organic Buckwheat PillowOrganic Buckwheat Pillow by L-OMA: FREE Shipping, No Taxes
Handmade in the USA

An organic buckwheat pillow from L-OMA™ is a high quality, full or travel-sized pillow produced in Maine. Because an organic buckwheat pillow conforms to the head, neck and spine, extra comfort is realized which optimizes the sleeping position. The organic buckwheat hulls allow for the circulation of air providing for a cooler pillow.

People experiencing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia have found an organic buckwheat pillow to be especially helpful; sleep disorders such as night sweats are addressed as the air flowing between the organic buckwheat hulls keeps the pillow cool, aiding those with sleep disorders to get a full night’s sleep.

We use only non-fumigated, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.