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Organic Buckwheat Pillows

Organic Buckwheat Pillow

An Organic Buckwheat Pillow by L-OMA:
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An organic buckwheat pillow from L-OMA™ is a high quality, full or travel-sized organic buckwheat pillow produced in Maine. Because an organic buckwheat pillow conforms to the head, neck and spine, extra comfort is realized which optimizes the sleeping position. The organic buckwheat hulls allow for the circulation of air providing for a cooler pillow.  Additionally, we have had NO cases of any allergic reaction to buckwheat hulls ever reported.

In the Far East where buckwheat pillows have been used for centuries, users claim they experience relief from headaches, back pain, snoring, neck pain, migraine headaches, tension, muscle pain, stress, and other problems associated with sleep apnea. We’ve also heard of them being used to assist in nursing, as an aid to sufferers of sleep disorders, and by business travelers.

An organic buckwheat pillow can be used as a travel aid, and with or without regular pillow support. The key is your individual preference and comfort. This weighted pillow is heavier than a regular pillow, but by nestling your head into the organic buckwheat pillow, you will find that it forms a contour that provides support to your head and neck, allowing for a more relaxed sleep. Users of the L-OMA organic buckwheat pillows™ have claimed they wake up more refreshed and without the stiffness sometimes associated with standard pillows. Some even claim to awaken in the same position as when they fell asleep.

People experiencing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia have found an organic buckwheat pillow to be especially helpful; sleep disorders such as night sweats are addressed as the air flowing between the organic buckwheat hulls keeps the pillow cool, aiding those with sleep disorders to get a full night’s sleep.

A small organic buckwheat pillow is used ideally as a travel pillow. It’s size and shape are well suited for travel purposes supporting the head and neck while traveling, and the size and weight of the pillow permit easy carrying.

We use only non-fumigated, organic buckwheat hulls in our products.