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An organic buckwheat pillow from L-OMA™ is a high quality, full or travel-sized organic buckwheat pillow produced in Maine.

People experiencing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia have found an organic buckwheat pillow to be especially helpful; sleep disorders such as night sweats are addressed as the air flowing between the organic buckwheat hulls keeps the pillow cool.

Your Purchase Directly Helps Persons with Disabilities

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  • Chakra Eye Pillow

    Chakra Color Set

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  • Organic Buckwheat Pillow Set

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  • Organic Buckwheat Pillow Travel Set

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  • Buckwheat Buddies

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  • Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillows

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  • Organic Aromatherapy Lavender for Organic Buckwheat Pillows

    Additional Aromatherapy for Buckwheat Pillow

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  • Lavender Sachet Bag Aromatherapy

    Lavender Sachet

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    Organic Buckwheat Pillow FAMILY PACK

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  • PREMIUM Large Outer Pillowcase – 500 Thread Count

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  • Organic Buckwheat Pillow for Kids

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  • Organic Buckwheat Hulls

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  • Lavender Eye Pillow

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  • Organic Buckwheat Pillow Dream Set

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  • Organic Buckwheat Travel Pillow – 12″ x 16″

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  • Organic Buckwheat Weighted Blankets for Autism

    Organic Buckwheat Weighted Blankets

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    SALE – Large Organic Buckwheat Pillows (20″x26″) SET OF TWO

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